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#black widow has the exact same powers and ten times the skill #intellect #morality #complexity #and she’s also got something batman’s never had: #my interest

Also, Black Widow accomplished all of it without being a billionaire.

And without being a moody-ass shit.

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I think you know immediately.


Top 25 ships (cancelled shows) ↦ 20. Dan&Blair (Gossip Girl)

'What if I lose everything?'
'You'll still have me.'
by The Smashing Pumkins
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i miss me
i miss everything i’ll never be

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GIFs show human’s vast impact on the Earth

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Orphan Black 2x01 - Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

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to avoid paying a construction fee, jack mubiru, a father of the skateboarding scene in uganda, fabricated a story about building a private enclosure for a pet crocodile. most local officials and neighborhood residents had never heard of skateboarding. yet six years later, the sport has spread from the skate park to the streets, attracting children as young as five and adult women.  

photographer yann gross always takes his deck with him on his journeys. during one trip to eastern africa, yann encountered a group of skaters in kitintale, a suburb of kampala, who had built the first and only half pipe in uganda. he ended up spending several months with the skaters, becoming a full member of the group, documenting a unique skate culture that, given the area’s contingencies, has styles and tricks all its own. 

text adapted from joel vacheron and julie bosman   


#hahaha i’m fine #there’s just some snow queen in my eyes


The girls are never supposed to end up together.

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When I'm Small
by Phantogram
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Phantogram | “When I’m Small”

"Take me underground
Take me all the way
Bring me to fire
Throw me in the flames."